Public or Private Kindergarten – Which Education is best for your child?

Your guide to Public or Private Kindergarten:

Parents get a great education for their child. There are many options these days to choose a kindergarten school in Singapore for the little one. Using private or public kindergarten in Singapore and school quality information, parents can choose the right school for the little one and take action to improve schools in their communities. Today’s education is complex and questions about quality, curriculum, and teacher training are on everyone’s mind.


When it comes to deciding whether to enroll the child into private or public kindergarten schools in Singapore, the choice will ultimately depend upon which is the best for your child. Here are some important things that help you with the differences between the two so that you can make an informed decision.

Hands-on learning:

Many private kindergarten schools in Singapore programs allow children to have a more hands-on class setting for their first year of school. This active learning teaches children a variety of learning activities and experiences that support cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and language development skills.

Student to Teacher Ratio:

Another great advantage to private kindergarten schools in Singapore is the smaller class sizes. A smaller student to teacher ratio allows enhancement of the learning experience and encourages learning in specific content areas while giving children the freedom to make choices as they explore their environment.

Unique Curriculum:

One key difference between public and private kindergarten schools in Singapore is the curriculums offers at each. A private kindergarten follows a unique curriculum that focuses on cognitive, language, social/emotional, physical and aesthetic development, getting them ready for their transition into first grade.

Schools Costs:

For most people, a major deciding factor when deciding between a private or public kindergarten is the school cost. While public schools do not charge tuition, many times they are underfunded, as well as influenced by politicians’ winds and shortfalls. A private kindergarten might cost each month, but the benefits for your Childs first learning experience are priceless.

Enriched Learning Experience and Private Kindergarten schools in Singapore:

Children learn best by actively engaging with people and the things in their environment. In private kindergarten, children are involved in hands-on experiences, real-life adventures, and assisted discovery as they explore concepts through play.

It depends on the school district you are in and around. If the school district is good to go with or pick a private one. Public schools are great if your county has good schools. Private schools are good too but pricey though they do offer more co-curricular activities. Depends on how much you are willing to spend and if you don’t have access to good public school go for private school. If the child is academically intelligent and self-motivated any school is good.

Teachers are able to tailor their, methods and techniques to the learning preferences of a given gender, allowing boys and girls to explore, learn and grow in the manner most fitting and natural to them.

Is your little one making the transition to kindergarten and you’d like to learn more about the benefits of a private school? Get in touch with a famous private kindergarten school in Singapore like to give your child the best learning experience in Singapore.


Top 3 Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in an Infant Care Centre

At this start of the year, there are many parents who begin to perform the relevant procedures to enrol their children in the respective nursery schools or day care centers. All of them carry out an exhaustive search of the centers that meet the needs of both the parents and their children. Although, although it is not obligatory, many choose that of stimulation, while others have no choice.

Infant Care Center offers a number of important advantages for parents and children. It is a good idea to consider using a child care service to allow your child to enjoy the many benefits, even if you do not have to use the service for your own benefit.

The personality of a complete child has forged in all areas thanks to the monitoring carried out by the center’s professionals. From educators to paediatricians and even nutritionists. One of the most invaluable benefits of sending your child to a child care service is that they can spend time socializing in a new environment with children their own age. This can help your child learn to socialize and play with others, be able to share and take into account the feelings of those around them. Your child can also have more confidence when they spend time with other children and learn to be more independent by spending time away from you.

Children who spend a lot of time in a good Infant Care Center can enjoy access to resources and activities that they may not have at home. Many of the child care services offer a range of classes, group activities, toys and facilities, as well as language or music services, art and material or craft classes, as well as other educational resources. They also offer caregivers of qualified children or professionals who understand the best ways to work with children and teach them. A child who has spent time in a child care service will have learned the skills that can help make him or her more successful in their education and will also allow them to develop extracurricular skills and enjoy themselves.

At this stage, children are very receptive and learn more easily than at other times of life. In the centers of infantile education, the role of educators is to stimulate their intelligence through their skills and the game. No child is equal to another, nor do they learn in the same way. Each one has its own evolution and educators must respect and encourage their personal development in an autonomous way. Depending on the age of the baby or child, the activities will be different. Usually, in early Infant Care Center help children to improve their balance if they still are not, to leave the diapers, if they still do not control the sphincters and to encourage their curiosity through the game.

A Note on Few Things that Every Child should Know Before Stepping in Kindergarten

Learning and development is an important and very integral part of every child’s growth. Since birth, every child learn in every step and every learning is inevitable in the walks of life. Kindergarten is a crucial step in every child’s life and this educational approach enables every child to learn, develop and nurture knowledge, academic skills and other social behaviour.

The level and approach of kindergarten enhances the observation and comprehension skills of children to a large extent. In Singapore, there are many reputed kindergarten schools which show their expertise in child behavioural and motor skills, personality development, inter-personal skills and peer relationship development. Mostly all Preschool in Bedok area of Singapore has, are kid-friendly and adapt methodologies of play-learn techniques.

In kindergarten schools, the learning experience is fun, innovative and exciting. The teaching methods should be play-way and learn while you do it yourself which enables maximum and most optimised learning experience for all. Generally, in KG curriculum, age appropriate academics, vocabulary, concept of science and mathematics, social studies, environment and behavioural skills are nurtured and moulded by experienced and trained teachers. But there are certain things, which every child should know or have an idea about, before stepping into in kindergarten environment.

From the personal and inter-personal growth perspective, every child should know his first and last name, have name response and able to reply when asked. He should be able to greet the teacher and his peers, communicate with them and clearly express his needs and wants to the mentor in school.

In the academic domain, kindergarten approach is quite extensive and all-embracing. One should be well-aware and have full comprehension of alphabets, words, phonic sounds and construction of small sentences. Every child at kindergarten level should be able to read and write all these. Other than this, one should be aware of shapes and colours, match them accordingly and should be able to relate these with the immediate surrounding and society.  In terms of basic mathematics, one should know about all numbers, should be able to count forward and backward and do simple addition and subtraction as well. Every child at kindergarten level should know about colours, animals and their babies and homes, plants and flowers, days, months and days, planets, moon, stars, Sun and other extra-terrestrial objects. Rhymes is what should come organically when asked and should be able to colour age-appropriately. Most importantly, one should be able to retell simple stories or create his own.

Behavioural aspect is the most crucial one in every child. In KG level, peer communication, mingling and cooperative play is a must along with turn taking, patience and instruction following. The child should be able to follow two-level commands and follow the sequence of activity, if there is any. Asking questions and comprehension of what the mentor is saying is a prerequisite. Moreover, every child should be able to comprehend and communicate three different languages at kindergarten level.


How To Use Pictures To Help Students Read In Kindergarten

Wondering how to help your child read the text? You can now get some pictures that make it easier for them to learn the chapters in a nice way. Ensure that the pictures get related to the text and thus your kid now can get familiar with the things. In this way, they can now explore a better form of learning that makes life full of joy and ecstasy.

Gradually, it improves their reading skills and your tot now would love to read new text comprehending the concepts of the lessons. Ensure that your child has the habit of going through the images and thus you can now help him/her to relate those pictures to the text.

Learning the English language

It’s the best option for English language learners and it even improves the vocabulary skills due to which you can now feel proud as a parent. It also comes out as a reference for your child and thus you can now get familiar with all positive aspects. Your child, thus becomes a fast learner due to which you can now help your tot to succeed in life.

Choosing the Kindergarten school

It’s time to choose a suitable kindergarten school where the teachers are well-familiar with the ways to teach children in a proper way. First, you can have a detailed consultation with the teacher and accordingly you can find the best kindergarten school in Singapore, where your child gets a better feel. It’s a good option for the beginners and they can now decode words from the pictures. The teacher helps your tot to look carefully at the illustrations understanding what the picture shows in real-time. It’s important for the teacher to come out with the strategies that help the students to comprehend the pictures in the right way.

Improving the Comprehension Skills

The kindergarten schools help the students to improve the comprehension skills. The child needs to pause and then they can make predictions depending on the text they have read before. And the teacher must clarify all the doubts of children ensuring that they feel confident to learn using the pictures. Make sure the images are clear enough and thus they can understand easily that’s important to reveal a better learning process. The students need to understand the illustrations and thus they can now explore life with all creative things. In this way, they can now do the comprehension that gives him/her the poise to become an expert in English language.

Searching the Kindergarten School

Now, it’s time to search the kindergarten school and you can go online finding the best options. You can also go through the reviews that’s important to make the right choice. Nowadays, the stories come up with different pictures that help the children to go through the entire lesson.

Once your child learns to read properly he/she would also learn to write in a nice way. Finally, your child discovers the World in a new way with the words coming up with finicky images. It create an interesting lesson and thus they would love to read every chapter.

5 Essentials of Kindergarten


The kind of first step your child takes for a bright future determines how their life will eventually turn out to be. Naturally, there is pressure to get this first step right. Enrolling your child in kindergarten is a step in the right direction. After all, it helps them build a secure foundation from the very start.


Here are five essentials why preschool is ideal and in fact a requirement for your child.


  1. Developing brains wait for no one

While babies possess survival functions right from the time they are born, growth and development commence during a child’s first eight years itself. In fact, by the age of six years, brains acquire a great degree of their adult volume. The right kind of kindergarten programs help to hone these growing cells in the brain and enhances the manner and pace of how the brain develops.


  1. It helps them get ready for school

Play based learning is a great way to prepare your children for school. It helps them develop their social skills, maintain friendships, manage conflicts and gives them the confidence to ask questions. Kindergarten plays a vital role in working both independently as well as in a group. Besides this, children learn skills all the while in a secure and compassionate environment.


  1. Makes them self-aware

Children become more self-aware when they hit the ages of three to four. This makes them consider their own as well as other people’s actions. Getting them enrolled in the right kindergarten in Bedok helps them learn the art of cooperation and collaboration. Other than this, it helps them develop and keep a check of their own goals as well as explore and experiment with their environment.


  1. Nurtures their social and emotional self

The various experiences at preschool help children nurture their social and emotional side. This helps them control stress, handle their emotions, take personal responsibility and show empathy to others in a better way. These elements act as vital life lessons which take them all through adulthood and help them turn into responsible and considerate individuals.


  1. It introduces them to learning

Learning is a lifelong process that begins at kindergarten. The right kind of preschool activities help your child explore, discover and learn through the guidance of an experienced and skilled teacher. When children learn through play, the experience becomes more enjoyable even when they examine linguistic and mathematical concepts.


All in all, kindergarten helps children become self-aware, confident and capable individuals. This is why finding the right preschool in Bedok is not only beneficial but is also a necessity.